2017-2018 Materials

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Initial Setup
Installation Guide (for laptop users)
A good talk that reviews Python basics:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyDLAutA88s (start at 7:04)

* = Python Essentials
** = Data Science Essentials

MATH 345: VOLUME 1 (Tuesdays)

*Introduction to Python
*Introduction to NumPy (Numpy Visual Guide)
*Introduction to Matplotlib
Linear Transformations
Linear Systems
*Unit Testing
QR Decomposition
Least Squares and Computing Eigenvalues
Image Segmentation
SVD and Image Compression
Facial Recognition
*Data Visualization

Newton’s Method
Conditioning and Stability
Monte Carlo Integration
Visualizing Complex-valued Functions
The PageRank Algorithm
**Unix Shell 1
**Unix Shell 2
Blazin’ Drazin
Iterative Solvers


MATH 321: VOLUME 2 (Thursdays)

*The Standard Library
*Object Oriented Programming
*Exceptions and File I/O
Linked Lists

Nearest Neighbor
Breadth-first Search
Markov Chains
**SQL 1
**SQL 2
Fourier Transform (bring headphones to class!)
Filtering and Convolution

Polynomial Interpolation
Gaussian Quadrature
One-dimensional Optimization
Newton and Quasi-Newton Optimization
Gradient-based Optimization
Convex Optimization with CVXOPT
Simplex (two weeks)
Interior Point 1: Linear Optimization
Interior Point 2: Quadratic Optimization
Value Function Iteration
Policy Function Iteration


MATH 403: VOLUME 3 (Thursdays)

**Unix Shell 1 (review only, not assigned)
**Unix Shell 2
**Regular Expressions
**Web Technologies
**Web Scraping 1
**Web Scraping 2
**Pandas 1: Introduction
**Pandas 2: Plotting
**Pandas 3: Grouping
**Pandas 4: Time Series
**Mongo DB

**Parallel Computing 1: iPyParallel
**Parallel Computing 2: MPI
Gibbs Sampling
More Fun Machine Learning Stuff


MATH 437: VOLUME 4 (Tuesdays)

Shooting Method
Lorenz Equations
Finite Difference Method
Heat Flow
Anisotropic Diffusion
Wave Equation
Poisson Equation

——————-Winter Semester———————
Finite Volume Method
Finite Element Method
MWR Pseudospectral 1