Student Advisory Committee of ACME

Our mission is to initiate a strong, ongoing network of students committed to apply mathematics in pursuit of academic excellence and the betterment of society.



Who can attend: Applied and Computational Mathematics Emphasis students, potential lower classmen, math majors, and anyone who is interested to see how math and the real world are integrated. We have about 25 concentrations within our emphasis varying from Biology,Business, Economics, Finance, Engineering, Geology, Statistics etc. so anybody involved in those would be welcome.

What we do: Our goal is to form a strong-knit group of students which will easily convert to an alumni group after we graduate. It will be a ”students-helping-students” format. We will have students prepare presentations to teach and introduce new ideas and opportunities.

We are also going to be a strong component of the SAC which is already in place. The president of SACME will be on the board of SAC and we hope for all SACME members will also contribute to SAC. As Applied and Computational Mathematics Emphasis Majors, we look forward to making a strong commitment to SACME and the Math Department.